Where Do I Start When I'm a New or Pivoting Coach/Consultant?

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How Do I Build a Brand When I Have So Many IDEAS? 
Are you one of those folks (like myself) who are:
multi-talented and

or maybe you're not even sure what your gifts really are!
Whether you are an aspiring coach or you've been at this for awhile, and if CLARITY is what you're looking for, then you are in the right spot.
Come spend the next 4 weeks with me and gain the clarity to turn your idea, your gift and your expertise into a wildly impactful and profitable personal brand.
Get the direction you need, to create the legacy you desire.  
Sis, Come Close.  Let's have an adult conversation, shall we?
I've been doing this work for a long time now, both as a therapist and as a coach, and what I've found to be true is that in order to build the life we feel called to...
The Key Is Alignment
We all want the same things right?  Income, Impact and Freedom.  Isn't that want you want?  So the question becomes, why the hell is it so hard to get it?
Because we aren't clear.  Sure we have ideas.  Lots of ideas.  Ideas about our gifts & talents.  Ideas about what we're called to do.  Ideas about who to serve and a million other things, but we are far from clear.

What if you were able to take all of those ideas, all of your experience and all of your knowledge and get crystal clear about how to leverage them inside your coaching business today?

That means no more floundering, no more information overload, no more trying to figure out who to serve, what problem to solve, how to coach, how to design your offers, or how to communicate what you do and getting nowhere.
The key to getting into alignment is knocking down the one domino, the one thing, that if you did it, would create the momentum your looking for as you walk into Q2.  Your next step, your only step, is inside The Idea Incubator.

The Idea Incubator will show you how to package your expertise into a Million Dollar Idea!

We help you take all of the ideas & goals you have in your head, and create an alignment roadmap...a clear plan that you can use to convey your message and change people’s lives.

Sounds like income, impact and freedom to me.  

The Reset Room
is a consulting firm that shows people just like you how to become a Subject Matter Expert so that you can create the legacy you desire to leave behind while building the life you deserve.
Allow Me to Introduce Myself
From: LaChelle Barnett
South Bend, Indiana 

By God's Grace I have been able to build a life of freedom.  Where there is no cap to the level of impact I can have or amount of money I can make. There isn't anyone dictating how I spend my time.  
However, it took me way too long to get here and, frankly, way too much money.

When I first started, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I didn't know what coaching was or if I wanted to do it.  All I knew was that I wanted to build a business that had both income and impact.  I did not want one without the other.

So I set out on this road to figure out how to build a profitable business.  I went to conferences.  I hired coaches.  I bought courses.  At the end of 6 months, I spent thousands of dollars, gained tons of information, and had not gotten a single client.

I was no further along then when I started.

After I picked myself up out of a deep depression for having wasted so much time, energy and money, I was able to take my gift and create a roadmap to hit some amazing milestones.  From $500 months, to $5K, to 5 figures to $50K.  God has even allowed me to build a community of over 5000 coaches He has trusted me to lead.

The road did not need to have so many mistakes, bends, twist and turns.  If only someone had given me a roadmap, a plan to take all that I knew, and not only change my life, but also the lives of those who I've been called to serve, things would have been a lot easier for me.  
This is why I've taken the time to master my craft, becoming a Certified Brand Strategist and a certified Storybrand Guide.  I have the tools to help you build a brand you love and create messaging that attracts the masses. 
It is out of both my pain and purpose that The Idea Incubator was born.
LaChelle Barnett
Personal Brand Strategist
The Reset Room
Not only do you need a way to package your expertise... 
but you need to do it in a way that causes you to stand out!
Here's What They Didn't Tell Me...
Build a Brand, not a Business
The only way to get to income & impact (let alone freedom) is to STAND OUT!
There is no way to change people's lives or make tons of money if you blend in with every other coach out there.  That's the difference between businesses and brands.  Brands stand out.  Brands are memorable.  
Who is showing you how to package your expertise in a way that causes you to stand out?  Not only understanding what makes you unique, but being able to articulate that uniqueness in your marketing and your offers.  

This is the step that most people miss.

Whether you are an aspiring coach and you're just getting started, or you've been at this awhile, The Idea Incubator is your next step.

Building a million dollar idea is not the same as identifying your niche.  

Identifying these 5 areas of building your business will give you the confidence and the clarity to begin building your legacy and stay in alignment with what you've been called to do.
New, Stuck or Pivoting?
Where Do I Start?  Why Isn't This Working?  How Do I Shift?
And others seem to think so too...

I recommend The Reset Room because the ability to learn so much from LaChelle and the other participants is an eye opener.

Although, I have experience in business, the invaluable knowledge and connections definitely made a difference. LaChelle's style kept me thinking outside the box and on my toes.

The marketing and niche session honed in more clarity and confidence. That pushed me forward to continue to completion. I'm ready to go to next steps in implementation.

Ms Tee Johnson

I just completed the Marketing and Messaging training with Coach LaChelle Barnett and I must say this is by far THE BEST training I have taken.

She helped me niche down even further, nail my pitch, effectively and accurately position my program and walked me through the process of creating my copy to ensure CONSISTENT conversions.

I am super excited to move forward in my business. I am forever grateful to you.

Precious Brown
Book Coach
Let's Get Off This Hamster Wheel of...
Idea, Learn, Idea, Idea, Learn, Repeat

I wish I'd found LaChelle before spending so much money elsewhere, and receiving so much less value.

What she offers is incalculable!  I'm much clearer and more confident in my marketing and messaging and her mind mapping exercise should be standard in the toolbox of every entrepreneur.

Absolutely brillant!

Vaun Speaks
Relationship Coa

OMG! I just got my whole life working with LaChelle today.

Not only did she give me the clarity tools needed to catapult my life & business to the next level, but the professionalism she gave me was unmatched.

I have been in a business hamster wheel for over 15yrs. Today I got my whole life when LaChelle bought it all home for me in a 2hr nut shell. I recommend her whole heartedly!! If you are on the fence about investing with her. Don't be she will certainly surpass your expectations!!

Meka Ollis Riddle

Business Coach

You DO NOT need a course!
Courses are typically DIY and hands off.  You need a program.
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Here's What Working Together Looks Like: 
Acceleration is exactly what you need
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The Before
Gain clarity on what you want and how to stay in alignment
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Before the program officially begins, we want to help you get started immediately.  The first thing you'll do is work on  your alignment roadmap.  This is where you begin getting clear on what you want and where you want to end up.  It's actually one of our favorite things to do.
Moving forward it will be easy to identify what's an opportunity and what's a distraction.  No more hamster wheels or wasted time.  Knowing when to say yes and when to say no will have you feeling proud of yourself and excited about what you're building.
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The Start
Understand how to build a brand that transforms lives and stands out above the noise.
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We jump things off with a live workshop.  This is where the clarity resides.  We will be helping you understand how to get clear on:
  • Your vision
  • Your expertise
  • Your audience
  • Your framework
  • Your niche
  • Your messaging
  • Your offers
  • How to get your next 5 to 10 clients 

Image you wake up knowing exactly how all your ideas fit together, and with a clear roadmap on how to create the future you see for yourself.  Goodbye overwhelm and self doubt.  Hello confidence and clarity.  These feelings are getting ready to be your new normal.  
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week 1
Deep dive into identifying your expertise 
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This is where we focus on you.

We focus on helping you identify your superpower, the thing you can do better than most people on the planet.  We help you pull from your personal story to see how your experience and education can build credibility.  Understanding these 2 things will allow us to confirm the topic you want to build your brand around.
From this point on, you'll walk with even greater authenticity by showing up as your true self.  You just being you begins to attract opportunities.  Now you not only feel credible but powerful.  
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week 2
You'll choose the right audience for your brand.
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Picking the right avatar is THE most important decision in your entire business.  Everything you do, what you sell, how you market, your price points (and more) are based on this decision.

Here, we'll help you avoid the most common mistakes and understand how to pick a market that is actively looking for the solution you provide and has the  money to pay you.  
Now its easy to get yes's.  No convincing people to work with you.  No attracting tons and tons of people who can't afford to pay.  Get use to hearing yes, absolutely and I'm in, because you're attracting the right people.  
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week 3
You'll develop your own coaching model.
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Ever wonder how you'll take all your knowledge and expertise and turn it into a process that creates results for your clients?

Well, worry no more.  We're going to show you how to develop your own framework, methodology, for working with clients to ensure they get results.

NOTE:  This is one thing almost no one teaches you how to do, despite it's the single most important aspect to getting  your clients results.
In every coaching session you'll know exactly what to say, where you're taking them and how you'll get there.  This is where you'll begin to trust yourself, your gift and the legacy you want to leave.
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week 4
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We've been teaching this content in a variety of way, from 1 day workshops, 5 day challenges, weekend intensives and ongoing programs.

Because of that, we know that having an extra week before you jump into the bonuses can be a game changer.  So, this week is designed to give you additional time for any areas that are unclear or places that you need more feedback.  
Having the extra time for last minutes questions has brought so much peace and reassurance.  That's what you feel. You know you made a sound investment into your future and have gained much more than you ever imagined. 
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bonus 1
Create your products & pricing
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This is where we show you how to:
  • determine your business model
  • develop your produce suite
  • design irresistible offers
  • decide on the prices your programs 
bonus 2
Fill your program with clients
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This training will how you how to
  • get your next 5 to 10 clients in the next 30 days,
  • validate your framework,
  • show you how to do it with no tech and no ads.  
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bonus 3
Plot your next 90 days
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This training will show you how to
  • map out your next 90 days
  • common places where people get stuck
  • and how to avoid those mistakes
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bonus 4
Announce your new brand
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Now that you've gotten crystal clear about so many different elements of your brand, guess what we do next?  Announce it to the world.  And we'll help you with Canva graphics for
  • FB cover photo
  • FB business page
  • FB group
  • FB posts
  • IG Platform 

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bonus 5
We provide all your materials
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Mapping out your brand should be fun.  So we'll be sending you all the materials you'll need to design you next stage:
  • Huge sticky notes for the wall
  • Big sticky notes for the wall
  • Kinda big sticky notes for the wall
  • Medium size sticky notes for the wall
  • Small sticky notes for the wall 
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Here's what you'll get access to when you grab your spot TODAY...
All The Materials You Need to Map Out Your Idea Are Included:
Live Training
FB Group
Core Workbook
Graphic Templates
Bonus Trainings
Move From Idea to Infrastructure!
In Case You Need More
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A Few More Testimonials...

LaChelle is AMAZING!

I had my VIP day on Thursday and was totally blown away.  I was really struggling to understand the marketing especially the social media aspects, for my business.  Not only did LaChelle walk me through these areas she did it in  way that I could not help but understand.

So I can away with clarity and a plan that I could execute.  I would recommend LaChelle to anyone who feels they are stuck or struggling.

April Potter
Transformational Nutrition Coach 

Before I went through coaching with her LaChelle I was struggling with trying to develop a process for my clients and create content in a more defined way.

My biggest lesson I learned is that I have more years of experience that I actually realized.  She taught me how to bring out the value as a consultant and how to target my audience with my content.

During the time I worked with LaChelle I gained three new clients.  I definitely recommend.

Shondria Shontae
Image Consultant

The Owner of Reset Room (Ms. LaChelle Barnett) is a God-send.

I recently had the opportunity to have a strategy session with her around avatar and the framework of my business.

In less than one hour, my session was complete and I was clear and ready to start working and owning my “space”.

I would like to call her an Intuitive Strategist. She has solutions to problems and strategies to bring clarity so effortlessly. Our time spent was well worth it and I would highly recommend her to others.

Tamara Mitchell-Davis
There really is ONLY 1 REASON why you wouldn’t join us...
You’re 100% confident about how you'll stand out with your current niche, framework and offers.
Otherwise, if you’re considering the program
(and you being here is a sign that you are),
don’t let your current circumstances
You know, things like, I don't have the time, money etc.
We never let our current circumstances dictate our future reality!
That's Called Letting Fear Lead
Fear belongs in the passenger seat, not the driver's seat.
In all honesty, isn't your current situation the exact reason WHY you should be joining us?
Let me coach you a little bit, while I have you.  

If you're kind feeling like you need this program

Then change the way you see joining a program, particularly this one.
Not only do you see proof all over the page that we've helped people do everything we've included in the program, but if you only sold:
1 offer
1 on 1 coaching package
1 course
1 group program
The program would be free,
and you keep all the knowledge you learned forever.
Trust me, we can help you sell one thing.

Isn't this the same thing you're asking of your future clients?

If you're ready for more...